January 22, 1971: Ardmona invention leads world

May 17, 2017

Fork-lift trucks at Ardmona cannery and food and fruit processing factories throughout the world today converge on a machine designed by Shepparton inventor Joe Carmody.

Mr Carmody has been can factory supervisor at Ardmona Fruit Products for 11 years.

Educated at Shepparton High School and trained at the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation and SPC Ltd., his ‘bright can’ palletising unit is recognised as a major development in the food industry.

When he came to Ardmona from SPC, part pf his job consisted of developing new machinery.

The commercial designers, while achieving a result, do not, according to Joe, always produce the most versatile and functional equipment.

Material handling is among his specialities.

Ardmona can turn out about 850,000 cans in any two shifts.

It was not always so, but scores of Carmody ideas incorporated in the system are now emulated elsewhere. 

A member of the Inventors Society of Australia Joe Carmody met his biggest challenged when the cannery pointed out valuable manpower was being tied up in assembling filled cans on pallets for removal to storage. 

It was a problem faced by every food processor lacking immediate sales outlets. 

The professional engineers offered mechanical solutions but invariably their units were massive and expensive. 

Then came Joe's inspiration.

Instead of building the pallet down to the floor, so that eventually the machine was supporting a load of several tons, he would build the pallet on the floor. 

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