February 24, 1981: Computer course at TAFE

July 13, 2017

This year Jackson School of TAFE is offering two computer short courses. 

The first, Computer Appreciation, is for those people who feel interested in, mystified by, threatened by or who have any other feelings towards computers.

It is an introductory course looking at a wide variety of computer related topics such as programming, flow-charting, social implications, various applications related to business and the basic fundamentals of a computer system.

With the information gained through such a course it is felt that people will be better able to handle the situation where computers appear to be 'taking over' in such a wide variety of areas that are affecting us all.

The second course, Computer Programming, is designed for those people who have already done the Computer Appreciation course or for those who want to gain a working knowledge of computer programming specifically. 

It may be that there is a computer at your place of employment and you would like to become more involved or you may have your own computer and wish to understand the concepts of writing programs for it better. 

It may be that you know nothing about the subject at all but are interested in learning how to write programs or maybe you can see a longer term benefit both personally and work wise in being able to write your own computer programs. 

Each course is of 10 weeks duration, with no formal assessment, for two hours per week. 

If you are interested in enrolling in these courses then please contact Richard Watts or Peter Handley at Jackson School of TAFE (a component of Shepparton Technical College) Fryers St, Shepparton. 

Phone 21 5255, as soon as possible, because the class size will be limited. 

Pictured are students in the data processing room at Jackson College, learning about computers. Helen Horne (18), nearest to camera, Sharon Renkin (18), and Greg Jakob (18) are doing the Bachelor of Business Studies. 

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