March 2, 1978: Competition in the veggie patch

July 16, 2017

Vegetable gardens may not be your game but here's a story you're sure to find interesting.

In the back garden of Mr Herbert Taylor's home in Regent Street, Shepparton there thrives a 50 lb pumpkin which measures 46 inches in circumferences.

Just three days ago that same pumpkin weighed 43 lb and measured 41 inches in circumference. 

What's the secret?

Well, according to Mr Taylor it can only be put down to the incredibly fertile soil in which he has established his vegetable garden.

Mr Taylor planted the pumpkin seeds in a patch of dirt which is his worm bed.

The pumpkin is of the 'Exhibition" variety and the seeds were sent to Mr Taylor from the Hortico headquarters in Melbourne.

Last year Mr Taylor contacted Hortico after he a similar experience with some peas which he grew under the same conditions and they also developed some rather unusual characteristics. 

The pumpkin is bright orange with a smooth, plain skin. And when boiled it develops into a rich creamy substance.

Mr Taylor said he has travelled extensively and never has he seen seeds of the Exhibition variety for sale.

However don't let that deter you pumpkin enthusiasts.

Should you want to try your hand at growing something bigger and better than the next door neighbour, Mr Taylor is prepared to supply some of the seeds from the present "Pumpkin King" to any interested persons.

You can find Mr Taylor tending his vegetables in the backyard of 40 Regent St, Shepparton.

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