January 19, 1976: Pears make way for the vines

July 18, 2017

A man who was born into the wine industry is continuing the traditions of wine making in Australia. 

Carlo Monichino grew up in a winemaking atmosphere in the Asti region of Italy (near France) which is known the world over for its wines. 

Carlo's father and grandfather were winemakers and when he moved to Australia in 1949 one of the first things Carlo did when he started his orchard, just north of Numurkah, was to plant some vines.

But he came to Australia as an orchardist and not as a wine maker. 

He mad some wine for himself but never anything on a large scale until about five years ago.

He did a winemaking course to refresh his memory and then started concentrating more and more on large scale production of fine.

After two years he obtained his licence for commercial production and he now has 20 acres of vines and plans to expand this soon.

He also has plans to build large underground cellars to store his wine as more is produced.

When he first decided to commercially produce wine Carlo met up with a friend he had not seen for 23 years.

He came from the same region in Italy and he himself was concerned with wine, in the capacity as a wine anologist.

The man had worked for many of the large wineries in the Griffith area and gave Carlo a great deal of assistance and help with wine production. 

At a time when the fruit industry is waning, Carlo and his wife Margaret, have entered an industry that is  continually expanding. 

Fruit trees are gradually making way for new vines and another 10 acres will be planted in the near future. 

Carlo now makes 29 different varieties of wine and his biggest sellers are Claret, Muscat and Port. 

The Spumante is also very popular.

The Monichino winery can be found by driving through Numurkah north along the Goulburn Valley Highway. 

The sign will tell you where the winery is.  

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