July 1, 1975: Fiona carries on a tradition

July 27, 2017

Pretty Fiona Walsh, 7, has carried on a family tradition with her method of travelling to and from Kyvalley School.

Fiona's transport to and from the school from her parents' farm nearby is a cuddly little shetland pony called Monty.

Fiona is the third member of the Walsh family who has used Monty as their means of getting to and from the Kyvalley school. 

Bother her elder sisters, Julie, no 12, and Marie-Louise, 10, used to ride Monty to school before Fiona took over the reins this year. 

Monty spends each day in a small paddock at the rear of headmaster Paul Rowe's residence for Fiona to ride him home. 

Fiona is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Matt Walsh. 

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