May 2, 1984: Bill gets yips

July 27, 2017

Old golfers never die, their putting gets them in the end!

That's not a frivolous parody; it's an opinion of one of the best septuagenarian golfers of them all, Bill Edgar.

Bill, 76, is starting to get the dreaded yips on the greens, although the rest of his game is still worth of a man 40 years younger.

He was at Shepparton Golf Club on Monday and yesterday endeavoring to retain his Shepparton open veteran's championship.

He failed by just one stroke - a putt of course.

But Bill Edgar will be back trying to regain his title next year, which will be the fifth annual Shepparton open veteran's tournament, provided the yips haven't got him meanwhile.

Oddly Bill isn't playing as poorly as might be deduced. 

A worm's eye view of Bill Edgar about to drive at Shepparton Golf Club yesterday. 

The Commonwealth Golf Club champion of 14 successive years is still playing off seven and his mind is so sharp that he remains the finisher of all major golf tournaments played at Melbourne clubs, the man who checks that all cards comply with the rules and announces the progressive and final scores.

His scores on Monday and yesterday were 83 and 84 for a total of 167 for the 36-hole scratch event. 

Only player better of the 98 entered from 40 different clubs was Bob Reynolds of Buninyong, near Ballarat, with 82-84:166.

Some club members filled the first two placings in the women's event with Joyce Carr 92-90:82 winning by three strokes from Joyce Elsworthy 90-95:185.

The Shepparton tournament, incidentally, preceded the foundation of the Victorian Veterans Golf Association.

Then president Frank Handley conceived the idea to launch the tournament in 1980 after a visit to Coffs Harbour. 

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