September 20, 1963: 100 tomorrow

September 22, 2017

A century is a pretty remarkable cricket score but when it means a man is 100 years old that’s an event…especially if that man is Jacob Barzen, winemaker of Cosgrove for the Goulburn Valley now has its first Centenarian!

Mr Barzen turns the century tomorrow.

When the “News” called out to the neat, 19th century home of Jacob Barzen and his niece Miss Johanna Barzen, we found a bright-eyed, neatly-dressed gentleman seated in his favourite armchair gazing up at a huge oil painting of his birthplace, Reil, a Rhineland village in Germany.

Dresden china, Australian wildflowers and the deft hands of Miss Barzen serving tea and toast all formed a picture of household harmony and order which we thought had done much to help Jacob Barzen along his contented one hundred years.

We asked for a recipe for long life from Cosgrove’s centenarian.

“Have a good father and a good mother,” Jacob Barzen replied.

“And wine…?” We asked cautiously.

“Only in moderation,” said the gentle Miss Johanna.

We learned that if one wished to live for a century smoking would probably not help in the opinion of Mr Barzen but that walking, if only a mile a day, would most certainly.

“He still eats roasts, grills…in fact anything he ate even 40 years ago,” said Miss Barzen.

“Now and again, he will still have half a glass of wine but now only with lemonade as it makes him very sleepy.”

A Melbourne well-wisher had sent Jacob Barzen a bottle of Rhineland Moselle which he examined with the true eye of the wine-taster. We felt that he would enjoy every drop of that half glass…and we wish him many more.

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