July 16, 1979: Mustangs make their mark

September 27, 2017

Mustang, the all-American car, is having quite an impact on the car market in Australia 

The car, easily distinguished by its trademark of the wild horse, is so popular today that that a club has started in Victoria aimed at promoting the car even further in this country. 

The Mustang Club of Victoria at the weekend visited Shepparton at the invitation of a couple of local Mustang enthusiasts who are also members of the club. 

It was a promotional visit and it is hoped more local Mustang owners will join the club.

Pretty Barbara Haywood of St Kilda, the secretary/treasurer of the Mustang Club of Victoria is pictured giving one of the Mustangs and loving shine. 

The car is a 1965 model valued at about $9000. It is owned by Joe Gundari, of Shepparton. 

The club was started six years ago when it was noticed more Mustangs were coming into Australia.

There are not 100 members in the club and these people own Mustangs ranging from the 1965 model the 1973 model.

It is planned that the Mustang Club of Victoria will hold a special show in Shepparton in February or March next year. 

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