September 29, 1971: Second Katandra West guide to gain Queen’s badge

November 14, 2017

Jenny Payne is only the second First Katandra West guide to be awarded the coveted Queen’s Guide Badge.

The presentation ceremony was carried out at the Katandra West Hall on Friday night by Division Commissioner, Mrs J. W. Every.

Members of the First Katandra West Company were congratulated by Mrs Every on the excellent replicas of badges used during the evening.

These illustrated the various facets of Jenny’s training to qualify for the Queen’s Guide Badge.

One point of interest is the Service Emblem where, it was mentioned, Jenny spent four continuous months helping an elderly lady at the Miller Homes.

This necessitated journeying from Tallygaroopna to the Miller Homes each week to assist with various chores, such as ironing, dusting, mending and general household work.

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