March 5, 1993: Hollands have strong ties with Orrvale

December 20, 2017

The whole crew gathered for this photograph at the Holland reunion.

Joseph Holland selected a fruit block at Orrvale in 1912.

Eighty years later it still produces pears, apricots and apples for the SPC cannery in Shepparton and is worked by Kevin and Peter Holland as a father/son team.

The orchards have actually grown zucchini, oranges, plums, celery, tomatoes pumpkins, eggplant, peanuts and even tobacco over the years.

Fruit has always been sent to the SPC cannery where Joseph, and his son Kevin, have always been heavily involved for many years, supplemented the orchard’s income with his invention of the “Guider” fruit grader, which although hand cranked, vastly improved this arduous process in the early days of fruit processing.

The 11 surviving children of Joseph and Hilda Holland have ensured that the name remains common throughout the Shepparton area.

Since eight of their children were girls, the family had connections with many other local families.

The local connections include the Hamilton, Gawne, Flynn, Doyle, Casey and Farrell families.

The Schroeder and Cull connections are more Melbourne based, although Jack Cull did produce an early Shepparton newspaper called “The Shepparton Advertiser” for some years.

The oldest and the youngest. Joan Gull 77, was keen to give baby Georgia Holden, four weeks, a cuddle.

Joe’s parents, Peter and Johanna, met on board a sailing ship in 1849 as it made its way to Port Adelaide from Ireland.

Peter married Johanna Guidera four years later.

Peters’ brother George also had a shipboard romance and married Johanna’s sister Margaret.

With two brothers marrying two sisters, naturally they settled close by on farms around Clare in South Australia.

The existing Shepparton orchard property bears the “Guidervale” name to this day, 144 years later, in recognition of the strong Guidera family origins.

The family reunion day saw first cousins of the possible 60 attend the day at Shepparton Football Club Rooms where the adults enjoyed catching up, yarning and viewing of old eight millimetre silent movies of very early family occasions.

A total of 220 Hollands attended in all.

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