September 22, 1981: Beer starts to flow again

December 20, 2017

Workman at W. B. Hunter transport depot unloading Shepparton's biggest shipment of beer for the past two weeks.

Beer started pouring back into Shepparton yesterday as the strike which held up supplies for two weeks ended. 

Two loads of barrels arrived in Shepparton yesterday and this morning to allow hotels to turn on the taps again. 

More than 200 barrels were released by the Carlton and United Brewery. 

Nearly every Shepparton hotel ran out of barrelled beer before deliveries were made yesterday of today. 

The Goulburn Valley Hotel  "just scraped through" according to proprietor Arthur Zurcas.

Manager of the Victoria Hotel Allan Clarke, said his last barrel ran out last night at 9.15 but he received 20 barrels today. 

Packaged beer supplies throughout the city were affected although most hotels still had some lines left.

One of the worst affected hotels was the Terminus which ran out of barrels last Tuesday. 

The Terminus also ran as low as 20 dozen bottles of beer left in the cool room. 

Bar manager, Norm Topp, said he brought in four pallets of Four X stubbies to sell in emergencies. 

At the Hotel Australia five barrels borrowed from another hotel helped to keep the beer flowing from the taps and a further supply of 20 barrels today eased the situation. 

The Sherbourne Hotel ran out of barrels on Friday but was expecting a delivery of 20 barrels today. 

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