March 15, 1984: Kath stands in as chaplain

January 19, 2018

Kath Hartup will be filling in as chaplain of Shepparton High School until a full-time appointment can be made.

Mrs Hartup will be working half-time at the school, 15 periods a week, eight teaching periods and seven for parent and student interviews.

Mrs Hartup, her husband a TAFE teacher, and three children have lived in Shepparton for almost three years.

Brought up in the Elmore district, she attended Rochester High School and later, as a primary teacher, taught at Ballarat, Castlemaine and Portland.

Since moving to Shepparton she has taught RI for three years at Bourchier St Primary School.

Speaking on her new position she said she sees tremendous value in this work.

‘‘In Shepparton I have been on the High School Chaplaincy Committee for two years, and I am also treasurer of the High School Mothers Club.

‘‘I will be allowed to keep this position.

‘‘I enjoy working with children for I find them open and responsive.

‘‘I would like to say thanks to the Rev Sandra Wilson for the help she has given me as I take over this new position.’’

The High School Chaplaincy Committee farewelled Miss Wilson in the Church of Christ Hall last week.

The Rev Greg Deuble of the Church of Christ said Miss Wilson was an ambassador of the churches and her work at the school was greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the committee he presented her with a cheque to buy books as a parting gift.

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