March 27, 1984: Tallygaroopna hosts a shire council meeting

January 19, 2018

The hall Shepparton Shire spent more than $30 000 reconstructing played host to a council meeting yesterday.

Children from grades 5 and 6 at Tallygaroopna Primary School were among the public who attended the meeting at Tallygaroopna Memorial Hall.

Shire President, Cr Ewen Harmer, welcomed the children and hoped they would benefit from seeing the process of democratic voting the council uses to run the shire.

Cr Harmer said one of the reasons they held the meeting in the North Riding was because of the major project the Shire undertook in reconstructing the hall.

North Riding councillor, Cr Ian Benney, welcomed the council to Tallygaroopna and thanked council for its assistance in providing facilities and development there.

Cr Benney said these included the preschool centre, new tennis courts, work at the recreation reserve, private street schemes and the hall.

Cr Benney congratulated shire engineer, Mr Russell Shellie, for his “courage and evident skill in bringing the hall reconstruction to a successful conclusion.”

“It must be remembered that none of the projects would have been possible without the co-operation of all council working as a team,” he said.

Councillors inspected the Tallygaroopna preschool centre which was established by council at a cost of $35 000.

There was also a question time for members of the public.

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